Thursday, February 16, 2017

Don't move, don't breathe don't even blink. . .

Last night we welcomed ANOTHER American Academy of Art Alumnus, Nancy, as we were seriously uber impressed with Brittany's ability to hold a pose PERFECTLY. I kid you not, witnesses galore can attest to the fact that in one of the 25minute sessions she DID. NOT. BLINK. You hear that? She just raised the bar!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

So Scheherazade began. . .

“Close thine eyes, and while thou sleepest, Heaven will change thy fortune from evil to good.”

“My story is of such marvel that if it were written with a needle on the corner of an eye, it would yet serve as a lesson to those who seek wisdom.” 

“A truth once seen by a single mind ends up by imposing itself on the totality of human consciousness.”

Thursday, February 9, 2017

The insatiable desire to consume vast quantities of meat unabated. . .

. . .is just one of the many topics discussed with furor last night. Other subjects included brainstorming concepts of how to propose a preliminary examination towards the prospect of doing due diligence for the purpose of assembling a variety of musical acts in a very specific genre so that we may attempt at presenting a gathering of said acts upon a stage or whatnot and let them play before a paying audience that is in attendance for said musical performance. It's gonna happen. You'll see.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Give him the stick. . .NOOOOO. . .don't give him the stick!

Great night last night discussing the merits of puffy shirts as EVERYONE decided to draw; except Muriel, Eric and Teresa that is. Khal Drogo, I mean Paul Mitchell, I mean The Most Interesting Man in the World, I mean Mark held the standing pose perfectly right up until close to the end when he just wanted to crawl up on the stage (which was engineered quite beautifully 10 years ago, btw) in the fetal position. #1 rule: Don't forget to eat a banana! #2 rule: THERE IS NO FIGHT CLUB!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Like the Beatles . . . but lousy

That's how SOME people feel about certain music. Whatever that's why we got a bunch of CD's and a 5 disk changer. Some people. . . sheesh. . .However, I must point out that they are not necessarily wrong. Fun night finishing off the marvelous Marissa, though her poor butt and thighs were exhausted from too much of the working out prior to the posing, but the banana helped for darned sure! Next week it's the start of a 2 session with Mark.