Thursday, May 18, 2017

The calm before the storm. . .

Is literally what we experienced last night. Twas an exceptionally small gathering but the company was exceptional, the conversation excitable and the finished work excellent!The post session cloud burst however. . .THAT was epic! Folks, don't forget to get your signs for the MARCH FOR ART on June 14!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Doris needs coffee!

That caffeine sure saves the day, especially when you start plein air painting at 7 in the morning! Speaking of saves, Amber saved the day a Marionette Minnie! She's coming back as a Mermaid in July! Remember folks, our MARCH FOR ART in on June 14th!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Love Conquerors All

Andy's words of wisdom right there folks. I agree 100%, EXCEPT that no amount of love can make people show up to draw in spite of the rain! Well, their loss, because James was AWESOME last night as the Dying Gaul. A tremendously difficult pose to hold for 3hrs, and he rocked it. . . . .up until the last 5 min, that's when the arms started to go all gelatinous.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Come celebrate the arts at Paupers Art Guild on Flag Day, Wednesday, June 14th. Join us, Arts Alliance Illinois, Blick Art Supplies, Arlington Heights Memorial Library and many more when we MARCH FOR ART. No protests, no slogans, just beautiful and inspiring art. Leading the way will be our papier-mâché “human art float”, followed by signs adorned with amazing works throughout history. This is a family friendly event and will include costumed models, drawing games before the march and end back at Paupers where we host our live model drawing session, followed by late evening performance art exhibition arranged by Fringe Factor.

Everyone will gather at 3 pm at Paupers Art Guild, 831 N. Wilke Rd. Marching will begin at 4pm with the route going down Northwest Highway to the Arlington Heights Memorial Library, continuing through the downtown to Metropolis Art Center with a loop around back up Northwest Highway to return to Paupers. The drawing session will commence at 7 pm and Fringe Factor will stage their work at 10 pm.

There are 100 sets of 22” x 28” poster boards with wooden signposts available for those who wish to make their own art signs. It can be any image, in any style or technique you want. Due to the nature of the event, we are strictly rejecting any gory, violent and erotic images and are refraining from any overtly antagonistic work. These will be available to pick up and work on in advanced starting next week.

If you are a dancer, painter, sculptor, photographer, musician, poet or actor, come show what your ART is all about. If you just love the arts and want to show your support in a fun and exciting way join the MARCH FOR ART, on June 14th at Paupers Art Guild!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

That '80's Hair!

Whoa, heavy stuff last night man. That Jim Morrison was such an AWESOME poet. Groovy and mellow. Another thing, Janis' voice had she lived would have sounded like Marge Simpson by now you know. We welcomed new Guild member, Tom's neighbor Debbie as well as "I'm not quite dead, I feel Happy" Paul finally returning from Christmas Vacation and "I'm too cool for school" Mitch really notched up his work. 4 hours a day painting your friends'll do that for ya! We are really enjoying seeing everyone's work develop. Last week Andy brought in his portfolio from high school and this week Tom brought in his portfolio from undergrad! PS Lindsey is SOOOOOOO blind without her glasses! The secret word is onomatopoeia. Best art related one next Wed. gets a surprise!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

It's a learnin' process I tells ya!

What did we learn last night while hosting the incredible Lindsey Marks for our 4th installment of The Paupers Boudoir? Well, turns out Tommaso actually DOES NOT know what he is doing, pizza in all shapes and forms is always good, great models make artists make great work, Slim Gaillard is a perfect musical topper, and 5 years is totally the same as 7! We'll visit Le Boudoir once again this fall!