Friday, January 30, 2015

Fare thee well, Dear Lady. . .

We started our Thursday night drawing sessions for the year bittersweet by bidding adieu to the incredibly talented Janet Davis who has been working with us for 5 years now. Amazing model and artist and an all around nifty gal, she has decided to go all Lewis and Clark on us and travel to the great American Northwest, land of abundant coffee shops and fish markets, hipsters and billionaires; where grunge is a state of mind and people are very passive aggressive, (especially if you mock their precious whittle baby Seachickens). While sojourning in the feral lands searching for mushrooms and the ever elusive chocolate starfish, she will seek out the guidance of a flip-flop wearing mellow wolverine, who will undoubtedly make all her insanely crazy fantasies come true. We will miss her greatly and eagerly anticipate the earth shattering events that will unfold as she lets loose upon the unsuspecting crowd her witty repertoire of funny stuff that comes out her mouth!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Third Person - The Art of Doug Hanson & Rachel Elizabeth Maley

Paupers Art Guild is proud to announce "Third Person" exhibiting the original tintype and photographic prints of Photographer Doug Hanson in collaboration with Performance Artist Rachel Elizabeth Maley. The exhibition will run from February 6th through the 14th with an opening reception on Friday, February 6th from 5-10 pm. At the opening reception, limited reservations will be taken for a photo shoot to take place the following day (Saturday, February 7th) from 12-6 pm, in which an individual or group can sit for an original hand prepared tintype photograph.

Third Person

Doug Hanson & Rachel Elizabeth Maley

Photographer Doug Hanson presents images addressing the interaction of subject and viewer with the collaboration of visual and performing artist Rachel Elizabeth Maley. The original tintype pieces and prints, produced with the 1850’s wet plate photographic process, alter the viewer’s expectation for the portrayal.

Doug Hanson, a photographer based outside of Chicago, specializes in antiquarian techniques.  Along with his original photography work, he also conducts workshops in wet plate and other photographic media. 
Rachel Elizabeth Maley, a visual and performing artist based in Elgin, IL, is the current Artist in Residence at Side Street Studio Arts.  In January of 2015, she held her first solo exhibition, The Goldberg Variations, which included performances of J.S. Bach's masterwork for piano in conjunction with an exhibition of original visual art inspired by the music.  Learn more at