Sunday, June 1, 2014

Super Hero Sunday "Gogo Yubari"

Janet was PERFECT today as Gogo Yubari from Kill Bill. The pose was so much fun: she got to play with swords, taught us something new about the Latin word for sheath and that less than three means heart for the young'uns. We even got to taunt Brian a second time! (sadly though we lost a gold button)

This Thursday June 5th is Jerry as Rodin's Thinker and next Sunday we go Back to the Future with "Doc Brown." Also, Paupers will be at the Crusin' Park Ridge car event this Friday June 6th drawing cool cars. It'll be at the Park Ridge Library parking lot from 5-10 pm. 20 S. Prospect, Park Ridge, Illinois. The following night, Saturday, June 7th at 7pm will be our first Partner Portrait Painting event. Reserve a spot on our meetup page. Come git yer art on!

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