Friday, November 14, 2014

My, what an EXQUISITE evening!

Oh lordy loo! Even we veterans make errors on occasion, in this particular case we had set our model Ciara in (what should have been) an easy and comfortable pose. HOWEVER, it must be duly noted that she is MUCH taller than anticipated, thus rendering the puny couch we have woefully inadequate to hold her anatomy in any comfortable reclined position, so she had to keep dramatically shifting throughout the evening so as to not fall right off the thing! That being said, it actually challenged everyone in attendance to shine and there was some great work pulled out. Next week, she will be in a much more comfortable (and therefore non-moving) position! A half dozen of us stayed afterwards and had fun with an exquisite corpse exercise. Next week we will end the year's model sessions in style! Wait to see what that's gonna be! Then is all prep for the Holiday Artstravaganza, 22 artists, hundreds of work, 25 days, opens on Black Friday, more to come soon!

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