Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Support your local artist and small businesses.

That's not just a catch phrase or trendy concept folks. The global economic crisis we are all in is not some fluke cause by the shenanigans the banking and real estate systems created. No, quite simply it was a build up of generations of neglect for quality craftsmanship and appreciation of the man made object and locally produced food and services. All because corporate interests were able to dish out cheap, labor exploitative, environmentally destructive products. Everyone who buys cheap, slave-labor products without abandon is not only contributing to the problem but making life untenable for millions of Americans, including themselves. When we conceived Paupers Art Guild, it was not only to bring art into what is essentially an art desert, but to truly expose artists to the public and have the public appreciate art. The 22 fine artists that are part of the Holiday Show work hard and long hours to create their art, so the truest appreciation would be to actually support them for their efforts in keeping our country from becoming a complete cultural wasteland.  Far too many people are jumping on the "buy local" and "support arts & crafts" bandwagon this year. I find it odd when multi-billion dollar international corporations use that tag line (with caveats of course). If you really want to support local and small businesses and want to see quality human made, skill driven objects of art, come see the Holiday Artstravaganza. We are open until Dec. 21st.

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