Saturday, February 7, 2015

Paupers Quest

Then there is the tale of the brothers Pauper. They have lived time immemorial. The oldest was a troubadour-philosopher who sought the true nature of things; the middle, a genius forger whose skill in all things was kept in check by his own tendency to reject success; the youngest, a scribe with a penchant for optimism. Born as men, they discovered an artifact from a time and place not their own.  It drove all in its presence to seek out the ultimate expression of each owns desires.  Possessing this boon gave them the political and economic will to bring order to their people and create a civilization that helped all mankind achieve greater heights. However, as with all things, there was a cadre of corrupt individuals bent on taking control of the artifact solely to satisfy their own petty desires. Using the power of greed and manipulation via misinformation, the Corrupted began to twist the minds and souls of those around them. Malice and Strife spread throughout the world and an eternal struggle over control for the artifact began. In order to bring order and balance back to the world, the brothers infused its energy into their own being, splitting its virtues in three and simultaneously granting them with Immortality and god-like abilities. The Poet gained the ability to phase through time and see events past and future. The Forger soon found that his disposition made him invincible as he survived anything and everything thrown at him. The Scribe realized that he could manipulate the outcomes of reality by simply imagining them happening. The three have been struggling with the Corrupted for millennia, losing ground to the festering malcontent infused into humanity, but now the tide is turning in their favor. . . .

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