Thursday, May 4, 2017

That '80's Hair!

Whoa, heavy stuff last night man. That Jim Morrison was such an AWESOME poet. Groovy and mellow. Another thing, Janis' voice had she lived would have sounded like Marge Simpson by now you know. We welcomed new Guild member, Tom's neighbor Debbie as well as "I'm not quite dead, I feel Happy" Paul finally returning from Christmas Vacation and "I'm too cool for school" Mitch really notched up his work. 4 hours a day painting your friends'll do that for ya! We are really enjoying seeing everyone's work develop. Last week Andy brought in his portfolio from high school and this week Tom brought in his portfolio from undergrad! PS Lindsey is SOOOOOOO blind without her glasses! The secret word is onomatopoeia. Best art related one next Wed. gets a surprise!

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