Sunday, October 26, 2014

HEY ! ! !

Everyone who has ever played the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time knows that word, as the little fairy Navi exclaims it average 8 billion times per game! We welcomed new guild member Paul as Carmella took our Super Hero Sunday sessions out for the year with a bang as the Hero of Time: aka the Elf in Green aka wielder of the Master Sword aka embodiment of the Triforce of Courage: LINK! It was a really fun day and having our drawing horse stand in for Epona was just too perfect. Speaking of Triforce of Courage, we had our second kid's sessions immediately after and the kids had a blast. Looking forward to next year's Hero sessions, we will be changing days and times, so be on the look out on the facebook and the meetup over by there. Thanks to all participants in our Sunday sessions for a great 6 months. Thursday night long pose have 4 sessions left for the year so if you got the urge to draw come on down for those.

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