Sunday, October 19, 2014


Yes old chum, it is indeed a precarious position that we are in, for you see if we come in contact with but ONE mote of pollen projected by Poison Ivy, we will forever be in her control.

Zounds, what chance do we have against a power like that?

Elementary dear, Robin, for you see I have devised a sure fire remedy against her nefarious pollination: we must, quite simply, wear our galoshes!

That's right Batman, I remember my health class lessons now: ALWAYS wear protection! 

Well at least that's the dialogue that would have taken place if Adam West & Burt Ward joined us today as the remarkably amazing Lindsey mesmerized us in her fantastic Poison Ivy costume!Next  Sunday is Carmella as the Hero of Time: LINK from The Legend of Zelda!

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