Thursday, December 15, 2016

Precisely, how can a goldfish commit suicide?

Well, thanks to Camilo's crappiest week ever, we learned how that was possible last night. We also learned that it is way too easy to unsettle Murari; it is REALLY cold outside; using an entire studio as a spray booth ain't quite the best idea yet; the definition of transaction is malleable; Sam beers not many too drink often; artist thrive off each others' energy, and no matter what, we are damned fortunate souls that we are not suffering through war right now like so many of our fellow humans.That is something I think everyone can rally behind, that it is the greatest shame of our time what is transpiring as we write. Thus, with shame, I plug away. . .We have Lynn Fosco's introductory WATERCOLOR WORKSHOP this Saturday from 1-4pm, then next Wednesday we are finishing up for the season with the 2nd night of Cal only to return on January 18 with Marissa. Keep in mind, that drop-in drawing prices will increase to $ 20 next year (our first increase in 3 years) gotta pay the bills folks!

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