Thursday, December 22, 2016

The year of the WTF? comes to a close.

On our last drawing night of 2016 we thought: "Seriously, what a truly undeniably screwed up year this was." No point in reminiscing about all the crap, but if we focus on the good, we see there was quite a bit of  it. Paupers Art Guild grew this year, not in all aspects mind you, but enough to show that we are on course and steady. Drop-in sessions are rocking solid, we welcomed many, many new members, all with amazing talent. We are developing additional programing starting in the Spring which will include still life, watercolor and plein air sessions. Workshops were all executed with great results and enthusiasm is growing. 2017 will see a continuation and expansion of our workshop program as we will be revisiting our popular workshops and presenting many new ones. We will also return to our fine art gallery exhibition schedule with Foti's MAYDAY exhibition of new works in May, the huge collaboration with Beverly Keys for PIPELINES AND BORDERLINES in October and Sam's exciting, years-in-the-making debut of CITIZEN JETSAM in November. You do not want to miss them! We also have several secret projects in the works that you need to keep an eye out for as there aren't anything around like them. Thanks to everyone who has supported us these past 3 years, let's push us forward next year. Best of luck to Murari as he sets off for Fran Sancisco, I mean San Francisco . . . YOU'LL BE MISSED!

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