Sunday, October 25, 2015

The sound of slaughtering rabbits. . .

. . .is one of the many things we learned about last Thursday. We had a great deal of catching up to do as we welcomed a surprise visit by our good friend Joe Kegler. Now retired, Joe owned and operated the Chicago Fine Arts Foundry for 30 years; the best, biggest and last of its kind. He was personally responsible for fabricating a large chunk of the bronze and aluminum sculpture in the Midwest and its sad to see the foundry closed, but all good things must end. It is a testament to the condition of the Arts in this nation when we can no longer have a true Sculptural presence in a major metropolis. That's one of the things we rally for here at Paupers, to remind people that the Arts DO matter and that Art appreciation, creation and consumption is what makes a culturally rich living environment possible. Art makes living so much more dynamic and exciting. Try it, we guarantee you'll love it.

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